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The vision of AUSPI is to enable its members to build world class telecom and broadband capabilities in India to help meet national teledensity goals and play a larger role in shaping global developments in the telecom and broadband sector.


  1.  To support the promotion of technology towards achievement of national goals on Telecom and Broadband services.
  2.  Foster collaboration and the development of consensus amongst its members on critical issues.
  3.  Establish strategic relationships with government, regulator, policy makers and Industry decision makers to help formulate best policies and practices, to promote co-operation and to resolve issues necessary for the growth of the industry.
  4.  Form expert committees on Industry issues to provide recommendations to the concerned authorities.
  5.  Promote awareness; dispense information about latest technological capabilities and requirements, members' achievements amongst governments, policy makers, public and industry through public relations and marketing campaigns.
  6.  Facilitate members for creating resource base for information on innovative products, application for improving reach by providing differentiation in services provided.
  7.  Facilitate bridging of the digital divide.
  8.  To facilitate implementation of latest technologies in telecom and Broadband space.