November, 2016 (i). Indian Telegraph Right of Way Rules, 2016.
(ii). Withdrawal of Legal Tender Character of existing ₹ 500/- and ₹ 1000/- Bank Notes.
(iii). Dispensing with the requirement of Wireless Operating License by TSPs.
October, 2016 Auction of Spectrum 2016 begins
August, 2016 Aadhar based E-KYC norms.
June, 2016 EMF Awareness Programme conducted by DOT first in Dehradun.
May, 2016 (i). DoT Guidelines for grant of Unified License (Virtual Network Operators).
(ii). Supreme Court Judgement on Call Drop petition.
February, 2016 (i). DoT allows Active Infrastructure Sharing.
(ii). Prohibition of discriminatory tariffs for data service regulation, 2016.
October, 2015 Guidelines for Trading of Access Spectrum by Access Service Providers.
September, 2015 Guidelines for Sharing of Access Spectrum by Access Service Providers.
July, 2015 (i). Launch of Digital India week by the Hon'ble Prime Minister
(ii). Launch of Full Mobile Number Portability
May, 2015 (i). Subscriber base crosses 1 Billion mark
(ii). National Telecom M2M Roadmap released by MOC & IT
February, 2015 Auction of spectrum in 2100,1800,900 & 800 MHz bands
July 2014 IMC Report on Renewable Energy Technology
April 2014 Enhancement of FDI in Telecom to 100%
February 2014 i. Merger/Transfer Guidelines
ii. Auction of Spectrum in 1800/900 MHz
January 2014 Consolidated guidelines on Unified License
December 2013 UL Migration & Renewal of existing license
August 2013 i. UL Guidelines and Unified License
ii. DOT Advisory to State Governments for installation of Mobile phone towers
August 2012 New Subscriber Verification Norms dt. 09.08.12
June 2012 National Telecom Policy 2012
November 2012 Auction of spectrum in 1800 & 800 MHz
August 2012 Instruction on Verification of New Mobile Subscribers
January 2012 Green Technology in Telecom Sector
May 2011 License amendment for security related concerns for expansion of telecom services
January 2011 MNP expanded to all 22 circles by the Hon'ble Prime Minister
November 2010 MNP in same circle introduced in Haryana
April, 2010 3G spectrum auction begin
March, 2010 RCOM reaches 100 million subscriber marks
May 2009 DOT Spectrum Committee submits the Committee Report.
TDSAT dismisses BSNL petition against TRAI regarding Access Deficit Charges.
Amendments in various telecom license agreements for provisioning of Mobile Number Portability (MNP).
April 2009 Wireless Subscriber base crosses 400 million mark
DOT finalizes National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP 2008)
Amendments in various telecom license agreements with respect to interception.
DOT constitutes a committee to examine the TRAI recommendations on An Approach to Rural Telephony – Suggested Measures for an Accelerated Growth.
March 2009 TDSAT upholds Dual Technology services by CDMA operators.
Licenses have been issued to M/s. Syniverse Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd & M/s. MNP Interconnection Telecom Solution India Pvt Ltd to provide MNP services.
TRAI issues ADC Regulation “The Telecommunication Interconnection Usage Charges (Tenth Amendment) Regulations, 2009” applicable from 1st April 2009.
TRAI issues Recommendations on An Approach to Rural Telephony – Suggested Measures for an Accelerated Growth.
February 2009 Amendment of license agreement of UASLS & CMTS with regard to IPTV Service.
USOF provide subsidy supports to BSNL to provide VTP to 62,443 uncovered villages.
DOT accepts TRAI recommendations on MVNO
January 2009 USOF subsidy support to BSNL to provide 8,61,459 wire-line Broadband connections to individual users and Government Institutions from 27,789 DSLAMs for a period of 5-years.
October 2008 RBI issues operative guidelines for banks for Mobile Banking transactions in India.
August 2008 DOT issues guidelines for Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
3G & BWA guidelines issued by DOT.
June 2008 DOT constitutes a committee to recommend the methodology to be followed for allocation of access (GSM/CDMA) spectrum.
February 2008 Licenses issued to New Telecom Service Providers
October 2007 Conducts Field Trial in Hyderabad under the aegis of AUSPI to demonstrate coexistence of 1900MHz PCS Band and 2100MHz UMTS Band.
DOT allows CDMA players to enter GSM mobile service using Dual Technology platform
August 2007 TRAI has come out with its Recommendations on Review of license terms and conditions etc.
January 2007 TRAI issues ADC consultation paper.
September 2006 TRAI issues Recommendations on Allocation and pricing of spectrum for 3G and broadband wireless access services.
TRAI issues recommendations on the components of Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) in pursuant to Hon’ble TDSAT’s Order.
May 2006 Mobile Subscribers Crossed 100 Million.

March, 2006

ADC regime changed to revenue sharing
February 2006
One India tariff plan announced by BSNL & MTNL
January 2006
\91One Nation-One Rupee\92 tariff plan introduced by Reliance Infocomm
January 2006
Tele density target of 12% in 2010 as per NTP 99 met ahead of schedule.
December 2005
Lifetime Tariff Plans launched.
December 2005
Submission of 28th Report of the Hon\92ble Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology on SPECTRUM MANAGEMENT.
December 2005
Amendment to UASL license permitting Internet telephony, triple play etc.
December 2005
New guidelines to Long Distance (NLD & ILD) with reduced revenue share license fee of 6%.
November 2005
New FDI guidelines issued.
October 2005
Non-stop Mobile [two year plan] introduced by Tata Teleservices
October 2004
Broadband policy announced.
Nov - 2003
New applications filed by Bharti Telenet Ltd and Tata Teleservices Ltd   for
Unified Access Service License. Letters of Intent issued by DoT.
Nov - 2003
DOT amends NTP ’99 to include new category of service providers viz.
Unified   Access (Basic & Cellular) Service License and Unified   Licenses and simultaneously announces policy guidelines on
Unified Access Service   License. DoT issues migration to existing
Basic   Service Operators to Unified   Access Service License.
Oct - 2003
COAI files Civil Appeal in Supreme Court of India against TDSAT   judgment allowing WLL(M) service to Basic Service Operators.
Oct - 2003
TRAI issues revised IUC Regulations, 2003 to be effective from   December 2003
Oct - 2003
TRAI Recommendations are accepted by the Group of Ministers   (Telecom) and ratified by the Union Cabinet.
Oct - 2003
TRAI Recommendations on Unified Access Service License sent to DOT. TRAI recommends entry fee on WLL(M) service provided by Basic Service Operators.
Sep - 2003
Prime Minister constitutes Group of Ministers (Telecom) to look into the resolution of the industry’s problems.
Aug - 2003
TDSAT dismisses COAI’s Petition by 2:1 judgment upholding Government’s decision of allowing Basic Service Operators to provide   WLL(M) services. TDSAT directs DoT to charge entry fee on Basic   Service Operators for providing WLL(M) services.
July - 2003
TRAI initiates consultation process for Unified License Regime   between Basic and Cellular Services.
Jan - 2003
TRAI announces tariffs for Basic Services and allows forbearance on   WLL(M) tariffs (Phase III of tariff rebalancing exercise)
Jan - 2003
TRAI announces the Telecommunications Interconnection Usage Charges (IUC), Regulations, 2003
Dec - 2002
Reliance Infocomm Ltd launches services across 17 circles on a   country wide basis in a phased manner
Dec - 2002
Supreme Court of India allows COAI’s Appeal on WLL(M) and remits the matter back to TDSAT. No stay granted on rollout of WLL(M) services by Basic Service Operators.
Nov - Dec 2002
Tata Teleservices Ltd launches services in Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu – new licenses issued after NTP ’99.
Nov - 2002
Tata Teleservices Ltd acquires Hughes Ltd providing basic services in Maharashtra circle.
 Sep - 2002
CMSPs allowed tariff forbearance by TRAI.
 July - 2002
TRAI issues Telecommunications Interconnection (Reference   Interconnect Offer) Regulations, 2002
July - 2002
WLL(M) tariffs (rentals) reviewed by TRAI.
 April - 2002
ILD sector opened up
Mar - 2002
TDSAT dismisses COAI petition on WLL(M) and upholds Government decision to allow Basic Service Operators provisioning of WLL (M) services
Mar - 2002
Universal Service Obligation Guidelines issued by DoT
Dec - 2001
TRAI issues Telecommunication Interconnection (Port Charges) Regulations, 2001
Dec - 2001
TRAI issues Telecommunication Interconnection (Charges & Revenue Sharing) Regulations, 2001
July - Aug 2001
DOT issues 25 licenses under NTP ’99 for Basic Services.
May - 2001
TRAI announces cost based rentals for WLL(M) services.
Jan - 2001
DOT announces policy guidelines for Basic Services.
January 2001 Limited Mobility Service Introduced.
Nov - 2000
TRAI initiates consultation process on WLL (M) issues
Oct - 2000
DOT sends a reference to TRAI requesting for reconsideration of  certain recommendations on Basic Service License and asks for   recommendations on Wireless in Local Loop (M).
Oct - 2000
DTS corporatised and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd incorporated.
Aug - 2000
NLD sector opened up.
May - 2000
TRAI commences consultation process for issue of additional licenses in Basic Services under NTP ’99.
September - 1999
DOT allows Cellular Mobile Telephone Services to be technology - neutral through press note F.No.842-304/99-VAS dated the 13th September, 1999.
July - 1999
Private sector basic and cellular licensees offered migration package to NTP ’99
May - 1999
TRAI issues Telecommunication Interconnection (Charges & Revenue Sharing) Regulations, 1999.
March - 1999
New Telecom Policy 1999 (NTP'99) announced.
June - 1998
First private sector Basic Telecom network launched in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
Nov - 1997
AUSPI constituted.
January - 1997 TRAI established
Six licenses awarded to private sector for provision of Basic Telecom Services
Tenders for Basic and Cellular service (circles) invited.
National Telecom Policy 1994 announced